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The Hopper Project
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The hopper is a type of vehicle that has been mentioned on at least two occasions in Star Trek (once in TNG by Geordi and once in DS9: "Nor the Battle to the Strong"). The overall overall look is based on the unseen Sphinx word pod designed by Andrew Probert for TNG. We envision the hopper as being the sublight workhorse for the Federation and Starfleet, serving many diverse roles including cargo ship, ambulance, agricultural vehicle, planetary surveyor, troop transport, mobile weapons platform, and even a family vehicle. There will be various trailers and auxiliary modules so as to accommodate the above roles.




Length: 15.5m
Beam: 10.5m
Height: 5.65m
Deck count: 2
Crew count: 2 - 6
Passenger capacity: 4
Full transport (basic configuration)
Length: 22.5m
Beam: 10.5m
Height: 5.65m
Deck count: 2
Crew count: 2 - 6
Passenger capacity: 44 troops



The Hopper-Class Development Project was initiated in late 2347 as a direct response to the Setlik III massacre and the following outbreak of hostilities with the Cardassian Union. After the first few planet bound engagements of the war, it became clear to Starfleet that the Cardassian forces had developed a stable form of transporter inhibitor, a technology that had until then only known to be used by the Tholian Assembly.

This was the first recorded Federation conflict that involved the use of transporter inhibitors and subspace scattering fields to impede ship to shore and site-to-site transporting of personnel and equipment. It was decided that the existing Type 4, the newly commissioned Type-5 personnel shuttle and the Scotia-class runabouts currently in service, were not up to handling the kinds of heavy loads and long duty hours that would be required for a sector wide conflict that would primarily take place on planetary surfaces instead of in small scale fleet action, the method of battle to which the Federation and Starfleet had become accustomed.

The very first prototype, designated hopper pathfinder (PX-01/SLO) rolled off the fabrication decks of Utopia Planitia in late 2348. Essentially it was a modified N-4 Yoyodyne remote ore lifter with a jury rigged cockpit, enhanced outboard impulse pods and an old Daystrom Duotronic VI processor supplemented by four of the newer M-11 isolinear control microprocessors. The enhanced impulse drive system also included an innovation previously developed for Ambassador-class starships, a compact space-time driver coil to increase drive acceleration and fusion power efficiency, a first for a sub-light only vessel. This gave the craft unprecedented flexibility in speed, acceleration and sheer lifting power under a variety of different mission scenarios, ranging from zero-g troop deployment to mobile ground ops and heavy ordinance deployment.



Starfleet Tactical Sector 506

Starfleet Engineering Corps
Starfleet Medical

First prototype

Second prototype
Hopper cab

Starfleet Tactical hopper

Tactical communication hopper
Hopper with launcher, retracted

Hopper with launcher, deployed

Hopper with launcher, structure

Hopper as "Queen Bee"

Antigrav tank carrier

Hopper with impulse reactors

Red Squad hopper

Medical hopper

ASDB hopper

News hopper

Colonial hopper

Family hopper



Idea & design by Kris, ASDB Member


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