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Various Shuttles, Planetary Vehicles, The Hopper Project


MOBAS Type 21 - Scimitar

Design by Brian Mitchell

Type: Heavy armor attack vehicle
Crew: 2 (tactical commander/gunner and pilot) 
Endurance: 8 hrs (combat); 14 hrs (operational) 
Combat cruise: 175 km/h, combat maximum: 220 km/h, operational cruise: 250 km/h (defensive mode only), operational maximum: 315 km/h (70 minutes to overheat)

A variant (type 24 MLMS) replaces the standard phaser turret with a long-range missile system capable of global strike and anti-ship operations; basic operational capability equivalent to base model.

Power system:
Gravity-stabilized high-rated fusion unit feeding two anti-gravity-thrust engines 
Dual stage krellide power cells for back-up power supply 

Additional systems:
Multi-wave gravimetric scanner and all-aspect targeting system 
Command interlink coordination and information sharing secure communication link 
Beta-wave stealth mode diffusion system (camo V-rated protection system)

The type 21 HAAV is the latest development for planetary operation in the UFP. The type 21 combines the latest technologies in weapon and tactical systems with a strong combat structure. The type 21 will be the center of planetary assault operations in the late 24th century. 


Planetary Operations Drop Craft & Brigade Planetary Command Post

Design by Brian Mitchell

Type: Planetary vehicle
First commissioned: 2464
Length: 42m
Width: 18m
Height: 11m
Decks: 2
Displacement: 1640t
Complement: 4 officers + 26 crew, evacuation limit: 50
Armament: Phaser emitters
Defense: Standard shield, Camo defense system (Plan Ops)
Embarked craft: None

The planetary operations drop craft (brigade planetary command post) is the current mobile command post vehicle for planetary operations. The multi-functional design enables it to perform command and control for planet-wide combat operations. The modular design makes it possible to configure the craft for command operation, operational support, emergency/medical support, and tactical control support (this version controls the heavy weapons system). The passenger complement ranges from 16 to 24 officers and technical specialists, depending on configuration.


Viper Class APC

Devised by Patrick Carroll AKA Bond, James Bond

1 pulse phaser (In turret)
1 rapid fire photon grenade launcher (In turret)
2 light shuttle type phaser strips aft
1 medium scout type phaser strip top
9 troop firing ports in pod armed only when manned (weapon type optional)
2 gunner firing ports in ship at doors armed only when manned (weapon type optional)
18 Mk. 12A "Lawnmower" cluster missiles (9 per pod) 

1 pilot / weapons operator
1 copilot / navigator / sensor-jammer operator
1 door gunner / flight engineer / jumpmaster
1 door gunner / medic

6 directed energy anti-grav generators
2 vectored thrust impulse engines

Proactive / reactive armor panels over all critical systems
Nano-fiber reinforced transparent aluminum windows
Duranium troop pod, engine area, passenger area, and cockpit armor
Tritanium hull with ablative hull coat

The Viper Class APC was developed by the Starfleet Marines R & D Center at Epimetheus Station, Titan during the Dominion War to fill a role between unarmed shuttles performing double duty as troop landers and the armed but small Hoppers that carried only a limited number of troops. It was hoped that a dedicated vehicle could fulfill the role with better efficiency and safety.

The Viper carries optional detachable pods at it's rear that can be outfitted for different mission types; med-evac, troop transport, AWACS / C4I, jamming, gunship, VIP transport, HQ command center, etc. 


Various Ground Troop Equipment

This is a collection of ideas how Starfleet ground troops could be equipped, considering that normal shuttles are hardly suited to sustain a longer combat or peace-keeping mission.

Starfleet Tactical
by Kris, ASDB Member
Sol Planetary Defense
by Kris, ASDB Member

Vulcan Planetary Defense
by Kris, ASDB Member

Antigrav drone, 1
by Lance, ASDB Member

Antigrav drone, 2
by Lance, ASDB Member

Antigrav drone, 3
by Lance, ASDB Member

Antigrav gun
by Lance, ASDB Member

Antigrav gun, TOS era
by Harry, ASDB Member

Rapid response team units
by Lance, ASDB Member
Preliminary rendering
by Lance, ASDB Member

Three-quarter front view
by Lance & Kenny

Three-quarter rear view
by Lance & Kenny

On Tattoine ;-)
by Lance & Kenny

On the desk
by Lance & Kenny

Antigrav shuttle with launcher
by Kris, ASDB Member

Antigrav shuttle
by Kris, ASDB Member


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